Brooke Veleber photography

Here are a few samples of my photographs and style photo sessions I currently offer :

I photograph outdoors in natural light. Sessions range from 45mins- 1 1/2 hours and include a CD of your edited images

Prices vary Please contact me for more info by leaving a comment with your info or email brookeveleber (at) comcast (dot) net

I’ve always loved good pictures. I remember looking for a type of wedding photographer that I thought did not exist at the time of my wedding. Not the kind where you stand in a row a the front of the church and say cheese a million times. The kind that captured real life.  And then when I found what I wanted, it would have cost more than my wedding to have him take our pictures! I ended up having beautiful pictures anyways and our photographer tried very hard to do what I was asking.  The type of photography that I have grown to fall in love with is less of a portrait style but more natural every day living.

I have recently discovered  a passion for taking and editing these types of photos. I have never had any formal classes or professional training. I wish. I am, like most things I do, sadly self-taught by the internet. (hey, it’s free!) I have never owned an SLR camera and quite honestly I thought “why in the world would I want to lug that thing to the beach or try to ride roller coasters with it around my neck all day?” Until now. It’s kinda the new thing. More and more parents are buying those gigantic cameras and lugging them around to events and vacations and snapping left and right like paparazzi. Photographers are popping up everywhere. But not in studios. They are outdoors, or at your wedding, or they come to your home when you have your baby. Fabulous. What better to capture real life than to go where real life is happening?

I have recently been fortunate enough to purchase my own camera where I am able have fun cultivating this passion that I have been gifted with. It’s a Nikon D3000.


Our dog Angel


Me and my goofball


our friends Reed and Cade

A beautiful pregnant belly with her family’s hands loving their new sister