These pictures make me laugh and some of them are mess ups, and some are not. I just can’t bring my self to delete them.


Now Jake is a ham when no one is around, but has a hard time making a normal face when he needs to.

He puts this  costume on almost daily and pretends to be a character. He loaded it with stuffed animals on this particular day…

Alright now, this may be uncalled for, but I think it’s hilarious because I can relate! It’s a goat milk pump! I took this at the goat dairy farm and laughed because I wondered if the poor goat had the same breast pump feelings that many humans have when they endure this procedure time after time. Hm, probably not!

Jakers again… he asked me to “take another one mom”

Trying to get a cute shot at the strawberry farm- Cole almost killing himself jumping off the ledge of strawberry rows

Fish kissing picture. If you don’t remember what this is…


Then here is a picture of my brother kissing a fish he caught. He’d try to get Cole to kiss them too.

At first he was on to him

But later figured, ‘what would it hurt?’ And gave it a try

Jake about to devour some serious refined sugar

This makes me laugh a little because he looks a little too old to be carrying that basket first of all (sniff, sniff) but that day he was on a mission to find this golden egg and he was mad that someone else found it first and had gone running around the yard like mad to find it!

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose…

Captain Underpants and his sidekick tiny potty wonder

“I want to squeeze him and eat him and love him”

Yep, that’s a biscuit in his mouth from the breakfast table. And he’s in his undies. Shameful.

Ok this picture is really cute of Cole but I have a LIZARD tongue that is so weird!! Eww!

Trick photography, sort of


(note to child with allergies’s mother: give child allergy medicine at the beach too)

Brock got to be in the dunk tank at church- who wants to be in the dunk tank??

Now that’s just cool

Alright folks! Summer’s getting shorter, but I’m sure there will be no shortage of crazy photos! We’ll do it again later!