The subtitle of this blog says ” a snippet of life with 3 boys”. And we are living up to that these days! Ok, so I won’t go on and on about how it’s been 3months since I could even think about updating the blog.

That was hard to write so I just crossed it out! I will tell you about some snippets of our life though because we have been up to many fun and adventurous things!

Remember our caterpillars? Well, they did their metamorphosis thing and it was so cool! After about 5 days in the jar they crawled up to the ceiling and attached themselves to the top.

They hatched about 1 week later then flew around in the net house we had for them. We fed them oranges and sugar water on a sponge.

After a few days of observing and naming them (one for each member of our family!) Then it was time for release. Since they can pretty much live anywhere as long as the temperature is warm at night, we go to let them live in our front yard!

We watched them fly around the bushes for a while and then watched for them for the next few days. I think we really saw them! When they first came out, each boy got to hold one in his hand until it flew away on its own!

They were so beautiful and such a great way for the boys to learn about nature and animals. They loved watching their “pets” and then letting them go in the wild to help pollenate the flowers! Thanks to Todd’s mom for giving us the idea and letting us have the butterfly enclosure. I highly recommend this activity with your kids no matter what age they are. So fun!

We also visited a goat dairy back in the spring. It was a home school field trip to Sweet Grass Dairy. A goat milk farm in Thomasville, GA. The goats were so cute and the boys loved getting to pet them and feed them grass and limbs. Brock was an especially attractive goat feeder because he would stand over them and get them all eating tree limbs in a clump.

Next stop was a trip up to Birmingham but not without a little stop in Dothan for strawberries!! I was SO excited to find this ‘farm’ on the side of the road. It had about a square mile of strawberry plants and a little hut where get your u-pick bucket. I pulled in and the boys got out and we all teamed up in the heat to pick a bucket full of big and juicy beauties. They were so good!! I will be back next year for sure and hopefully get more. I wasn’t prepared for such a good find.

We celebrated Easter with my mom and dad this year and had a fun time fishing at Nanny’s house afterward.

Cole was a little bummed no one would give him a pole to fish with. They all had hooks. Maybe next year buddy!

I don’t know why my brother Brad like to kiss his fish in pictures, but he does! Then Cole was kissing fish after this! And the fish were biting too. Out of all the kids fishing, most of them caught about 5 or 10 each and for kids, that’s pretty exciting. Brad only kept a few to put in his pond behind his house. The rest were put back to “grow”.

Here’s a proud Brockers early on… after about the 15th one he stopped holding them up!

This is our snippet of Mother’s Day. I am so blessed to have such sweet and amazing little boys. I just don’t realize it until I see moments like these when I have everyone in my arms. (and they are all smiling and loving each other!)

Not long after, we were excited to welcome our new baby cousin, Colton! He is precious and growing like a weed. He also is already sleeping a lot at night which for a first baby is quite a feat. (really at 9 weeks)

In May we were done with home school and were able to get away to the beach before summer schedule gets going with traveling and such. Aunt BB and Uncle Larry live in Destin so we can so over and see them at the beach. We are so thankful to have them and the boys love them a lot too!

In June, Todd and I celebrated 8 sweet years of marriage. We love each other more everyday and are enjoying the benefits of sticking through the rough times and enjoying the good times. I am so proud of him and for who he is. The perfect husband stands at the foot of the cross daily and asks how to live his life and love his family well and that is what he does. No matter what our daily struggles are about, we are trusting God and God is making us great.

I am excited about sharing the next season of life with him. Plus he’s pretty darn cute!

“DADDY”! is what I hear when the garage door opens these days. These boys love their Daddy and we had a good time giving Father’s Day cards and hugs.

So here it is July and I haven’t done half of what I wanted to get done this summer… oh well, at least what I did do mattered. (minus Facebook time). This is our school calendar that I just got put together. Jake was so excited that he ran right over to it and started working it. We try to do a little “school” on days we are home, but no pressure, mostly reading and puzzles, games. That kind of thing. I tend to get to anxious about a plan and preparing and want everything just right before we can start then the day if half over so I gotta get over it and just do it!

I thought this was cute: we made playdoh earlier this summer, then later I printed off and laminated some sight words we are learning. Then we made snakes to shape out the words. Cute huh?

OK, gotta go. Jake is hungry for the 20th time today. Be back for more snippets later!!