1 Samuel 16:7b says: ” Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


Here’s the birthday boy with his brothers eagerly ready to rip into gifts… mom had to get a picture first.

Brock’s birthday is on April Fool’s Day. He never really realized the part about jokes and pranks on that day, he just knew it was his birthday.

This was one of a few ‘gag’ gifts he got. I loved the look on his face! His real gifts were in the bottom of the bags and I kept my straight face for a while before snickering. Then he figured it out and started to check the bag again.

Homemade cookie cake is becoming one of my specialties…

We did a little party with friends at Funstation. That place has seen more of Brock’s birthdays than any other in town! He requested it once again this year.

The guys chowing down on pizza and sugary drinks. Then off to Laser tag, go carts, and bumper boats.

Cole wanted to ride the go carts so badly.

I volunteered to sit out and watch on this one… that water’s cold. (and dirty!)

Soccer season is in full swing. When you get to middle school age and you are a decent soccer player, for it to be worth your time and investment, soccer requires more of you; and your parents. (run-on sentence) Brock currently plays for a competitive team in town that only travels to one city 1/2 an hour away and plays in town too. (it’s do-able!)

He excitedly plays in his first ‘tournament’ this weekend where you have to have an official player’s card, etc. and all that jazz. This is all new to us since we’ve been doing the sign-your-kid-up-and-play soccer since he was 3, but he’s feeling pretty stoked.

(stoked-word of the day-use it)

He looks like such a tall little man out there. Wooly hair and all. I’ll have to admit- as his mom, I can’t help but feel pretty stoked myself.