Sweet Cole bears turned 2 on Feb 5th. We celebrated last weekend with a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Birthday party. He is such an easy going child and really fits the “easy 3rd child” mold. (if your third child was not easy then, sorry :)) His most common phrases these days are “oh, ok!” and “what happened?” He can sing almost any song and some songs that I can’t make out. Maybe he’s on his way to a career in songwriting? He seems to be an intelligent 2 year old, but what do I know, I’m just his mother!

When he saw the decorations for the party, he and Jake danced and sang Happy Birthday. Jake has asked me everyday that the decor was up if it was Cole’s birthday again. I need to take it down I guess!

We had the food from the book that the caterpillar ate: apples, strawberries, pickles, etc. Then I added the caterpillar cake pop cake and mom made the adorable apple sugar cookies.

I wrote a birthday message to Cole on our chalkboard and took a picture for a longer-lasting “birthday card”

Some family got to join us the day before and Cole got these blocks as a gift. I think the blocks are awesome, but we have to watch the sliding glass doors. Cole already threw one into the TV.

Here’s all of us.. gotta work on the ‘cheese’ factor for the the two little ones!

Nana and Papa got to come to the party and love on their little Cole bears

Cole bears got a big scoop of ice cream right before this and giggled until it was all gone. I never knew he liked ice cream so much!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Cole bears, We love you !!