Basketball season is almost half way over, and Brock has done a good job! You can see here that he loves certain sports. This was his all around sports picture he posed for. He is not too shy at posing for a pic when he gets to chose the props and location.

This is him at his first game. He really gets serious and into the game.

This is an example of serious competitiveness. And he does not get this from me, I say play your best and have fun, but he gets really uptight if his team loses.

Jake wanted to pose too and we caught this really funny “ball head” picture of him!

Now look how cooperative they were! Oh wait, I let them sit on top of the mailbox. That’s probably why…

Up next, Cole bears has turned 2 and we are getting ready to celebrate…

There will be some Very Hungry Caterpillars there!

This is his birthday shirt and crown I made for him… hopefully he’ll think it’s great and be excited to wear them. We’ll see!