Story time is a staple around here. But believe me, besides when it’s nap time, it’s the only time there is quiet. I told Brock today he has so much experience as a big brother, he’ll be an expert by the time he becomes a dad.

We took a trip to Todd’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving this year and had a great time seeing family, eating, shopping and watching some football. (the guys watched the football, the girls shopped)

This was everyone who joined in on the feasting this year. We just found out the little baby  in Aunt Sam’s tummy is a BOY! Jake said, can we name him Cole? When we said that name was taken he said, can we name him Jake then?… kids!

The boys got to take a trip to the zoo and I LOVE this picture! Not only because Cole bears looks cute feeding the giraffe, but giraffes are my favorite animal! Isn’t he so cute? look at his long tongue. Yes, I still have a favorite! I was jealous I didn’t get to feed him.

My sweet boys were around to wish me a happy birthday… still 29. Just must have lost count sometime I guess!

I got my craft suit out and put it on and whipped these babies up this week. It was actually a few days out of two weeks but I am proud I actually got these done when I wanted too! This little baby shirt is for a baby shower gift, and the shirts below are for none other than my non-twin, different age boys.

Jake still gets excited to match Cole and loved that his shirt said “J”. He can read it and thought he was so smart. I was just glad he wants to wear it!


We have started our Jesse tree Advent devotional and the kids love them so far. They love putting the ornament on the little tree after we read the bible story for that day. If you are not familiar with this, you can google, Ann Voscamp’s Jesse Tree journey and find what you need. It is a great way to teach the real meaning of the Christmas season!

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas as the start of Advent and the Christmas season is upon us!