As Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is right around the corner, we are taking some time to get our house and our schedule in order. I’ve cooked up a few projects and crafts that I am working on because I just can’t help myself! I’ll have some pics of those up when I am done. We took a day to learn about the true story of the first Thanksgiving. Did you know that ‘thanksgiving’ to the pilgrims really meant a day of fasting and thankfulness? Also, it was the Wampanoag Indians that first helped the pilgrims survive their first year. They had a ‘feast’ of clams, fish, corn, and potatoes a long time after arriving in America.

The kids and I had fun learning and reading about the Pilgrims and Indians and what it means to be thankful to God for how he provides for us and how he pours out his grace on us!

I am turning 29 again for the first time on Friday! (that’s code for the big 3-0)  I am feeling very thankful for the family and for all the blessings the Lord has given me these past 29 plus one years. I have to say that I feel the thing I have come to value most is not a person or thing, but the grace and wisdom that can only come from walking with the Lord.

“The greatest saint on earth has got to reach heaven on the same terms as the greatest sinner, unworthy, unfit, good-for-nothing, but saved through grace.” – Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

Happy Thanksgiving!