Hello folks! We are back from our many travels! A week ago I came home to a box with my name on it. This is what it had inside…

My new camera! I saved up every penny (and quarter) of my consignment earnings and garage sale earnings to have enough for my new Nikon! I really did have $17.00 in quarters after my garage sale. Those garage sale people are nuts and will show up with a whole bag of quarters to pay with. But money’s money right? For those of you who are interested, the details of my Nikon consist of this: Nikon D3000 camera body, Nikkor 18-55mm/f 3.5-5.6 VR AF-S zoom lens, and Nikkor 55-200mm/f4-5.6 VR AF-S zoom lens. I ordered it online from B&H Photo Video and got an awesome package deal. My hopes for my next purchase will be a 50mm/f 1.8 wide angle lens. This will be when I find a great deal and make more earnings!

Brock and I couldn’t wait to get out and try it out!

He took several ‘nature’ pictures around the yard. I thought they were pretty good!

My favorite subjects are the kids so that’s what I practiced on.

They were being pretty cooperative with me!

We got a short visit from Todd’s brother Troy and his wife Sam on Sunday afternoon.

They are excited to be expecting their first baby in May! Jake insists his new cousin will be a boy, and they way things are going for our family, there’s a good chance that might be the case!

I’ll have the pictures up from our trip to Disney World up soon! We had a great and exhausting time and are so fortunate to have gotten the chance to visit the happiest place on earth!