It’s that time of year again people! Not sure how all of us aquired FSU Seminole T-shirts. Brock and I aren’t even really true fans (I’m an Alabama fan and Brock is for Auburn,Florida, and Alabama too) but I think they were given to us at one time or another. Todd is all ready for the season. This is us before the first FSU game vs. Todd and I’s al ma mater Samford! FSU beat them of course, but Todd and Jake got to go and enjoy the game while Brock and I headed over to his game. (Cole stayed indoors in the cool with a sitter.) Good idea on my part too. It felt like 100 degrees that day and I sat in the shade.

He’s # 3. He plays fullback… I think. I have a hard time with the termination and labels in football. I know they give him the ball sometimes to run and make a touchdown. I just cheer for him to do good.

Like I said, it was so hot and he was trying to say cool. But he did give me a look like, get that camera out of here when I went near to capture a moment on the bench. he he MOMS!

Todd and Jakey did their part in helping keep up with yardage and downs. I let Jake stand near til he almost got tackled then he had to stay behind the chairs and tents at all times!!

Brock has been put on the injured list this week. Not from football. From a skateboard. It actually happened a few weeks back. But it never got better, so now he has to wear Mr. Brace for a week and we are waiting for his MRI results to make sure no serious damage was done. In the meantime, the skateboard has been put in timeout. Maybe forever.


Since we are getting ready to dress up for Halloween soon, and we also play with costumes a lot around here, I’ll leave you with some comedy brought to you by Darth Cole


Well the MRI results showed a torn patella tendon and so that means a full leg cast and 3-5 weeks of no football (and not much else) I am thankful he’s not in pain and nothing required surgery, but this guy is not going to have too much fun over the next few weeks in his new orange friend… or should I say foe. Pray for us! The good news is he should make a complete recovery after the cast comes off and with some rehab. The skateboard is for sure going to a better place.