At least that’s what my 3 year old would tell you!

This is our current stash of library books- my 3 year old’s stash. I have two and my homeschooling 6th grader has about 5 books. We come home with a bag full for Jake. He loves to pull out several books and want to bring them home but I have to draw the line somewhere! (I’m sure you preschool moms can relate!) I just didn’t realized just how many books we really do come home with until I collected them all on the table and saw this today. Hmmm. Another interesting collection today was Jake’s reading spots. He started at the table:

Made his way to his bed for resting time:

Then later I found him perched on the throne:

Still reading! A marathon today! I couldn’t be more happy. He loves books and we love that he is so interested in them. Whether just a quick bedtime story or a marathon couch session of the 20 library books we bring home, he loves being read to. We also read to the baby and to our older son, but for some reason Jake is really soaking it up right now. I caught him trying to sound out a word that was in one of his books and I think he is right on the verge of being an early avid reader. So exciting for a mother to see her son learning!

On that note, Day 2 of homeschooling went pretty well today. Here Brock is working on his keyboarding/typing skills. He is excited about this because after he is fluent in typing, I will allow him to type his writing assignments instead of write with pencil and paper. Always a plus for a boy!

Play doh has become a favorite around here. It usually is at a kid’s house, but Jake played with it for 3 hours one day. Any toy that can do that is a mom’s fantasy. Anyways, here are the little boys enjoying some homemade green play doh on the back porch and I am not worried about the little pieces they may drop on the floor! Bliss!

(By the way, I made that play doh back in March, kept in the fridge, and it’s still good!! May want to do it yourself!)