This picture was taken of us over the weekend in a little beach town called Carrabelle. It’s off the coast of Florida near Apalachicola for those of you not from around these parts. There was not one drop of oil in sight. It was one of the most beautiful, natural, peaceful beaches I’ve ever been to. We played, built sand castles, had real dolphin encounters, went fishing, and found hermit crabs. I wanted to stay forever.

The Lord revealed some truth to me this morning that I thought I would share with you. This truth was powerful and personal to me in a couple of ways. As I was doing my 5K training run, I was struggling to move up to the next “level” if you will. I am now trying to make it 3 minutes straight. The Lord pushes me in ways just like when I am pushing myself on the pavement to make it to the 3 minute mark. Along with this, I have also continued to struggle with migraines even though I am on daily medication. This has become very frustrating because I feel like I am doing all I can do to get better. I have changed lots of things about my lifestyle but am still weary from the physical pain of the migraines.

As I was running, I was listening to Mercy Me’s song, In You. Now, you can’t get the full effect (or the tears) unless you actually listen, but the Lord had this truth through song to share with me:

I put my hope in You
I lay my life in palm of your hand
I’m constantly drawn to You Lord
In ways I cannot comprehend…

It’s no secret that we don’t belong here
Those set apart by the grace of You
And we look for the day when we go to a place
Where the old becomes brand new…
…And the weary find rest
Oh the weary find rest in You.

What I feel like the Lord was saying is that we don’t belong here. This isn’t our home. We will have pain and suffering here on earth because of sin and because of who this world belongs to. But ultimately we will find rest in Him because we belong to him. Now, I don’t know if that means I’ll have migraines until I get to heaven, I hope not, but I have comfort in knowing that my Creator God has my life in the palm of his hand and will be constantly drawn to him.

(After that, Brooke boo hoos on her run!)
this song is on itunes and is highly worth the $.99

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.