We can have a very busy schedule in our home. Usually due to the nature of my husband’s work schedule in ministry, along with having 3 children and a wife who has a busy schedule of her own. His job requires him to be out of the house during the normal work week and on Sunday and Wednesday nights as well. Even though we are busy, one thing that my husband and I value is family time. So, in order to balance a demanding schedule and family time where we can teach our children important things together and grow as a family, we have to make a regular time for it. We have found that having dinner together and a devotional time most nights of the week is important and fits this need for us.

Most of the time the conversation is light, sometimes loud, and occasionally it is inappropriate for dinner (boys talking about bodily functions) but our boys are hopefully seeing a model of the importance of being together most nights that we can. We end our dinner with Daddy reading from our devotional book then from our Jesus Storybook Bible. We love this bible because every story points back to Jesus’s birth and the reason he died for us. It also has beautiful pictures. I think that it’s important that Daddy leads this time as the spiritual leader of our house too. I’ll chime in from time to time but this is his time to talk with them and ask questions.

This is Jake “reading” quietly at the breakfast table (by himself). He’s a very early riser, and a “reader”. He loves to pick up a new book he finds around the house. In this particular book he found a kid with some sort of flying hemet on above a town looking down at the people.  He asked me all day to go to the store and find a helmet like that so he could fly around our town and look down at the people. He stared at that boy in the book all day.

Lastly, this is something that has saved me for lots of my dinners. I must say that I love freezer cooking. I don’t do it as much as I should. But I should do it more because it is so easy! Some stuff does not freeze well but most stuff freezes just fine. This is one example of freezer cooking that I did that you can do too. Sometimes I just put half of whatever I make in the freezer for later, and sometimes I make several dishes all in one day if I feel like it. Juse depends on the day. The most recent was a single dish… Stuffed Shells:

We ate this for dinner

And I had this to put up for later (cover with saran wrap and tin foil)

then make sure you write what it is and what to do when you find it!

then dinner is saved and so are you!

Usually after dinner he’s saying,

“we’re going to need the fire hose for this job, I’m a mess!”