I want to introduce you to a collection of CD’s that I heard about through friends with young children. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate God’s word into our children’s hearts on a daily basis, so I previewed the songs and thought, ok we’ll give it a try. Wow. I loved this CD so much for a few reasons that I wanted all who read this to consider buying or asking someone to buy it for the children in their lives.  The first CD is called Seeds of Courage. And listen people, if you hear “Mary had a little lamb” too many times in the car it will can make you want to drive into a ditch. But these songs are actually quite soothing to an adult’s ears as well. As you listen to this CD with them not only are they hearing the Scriptures and storing it in their hearts, but so are you. I found my child whining at the end of a song and then I repeated the verse in the song to help him with his problem and he was instantly better. Ok. Need more of those moments in my life for sure!

Here is the link to the website for ordering. I bought mine on itunes, but it only has volume one. the website has all volumes.


(disclaimer: I do not make any compensation from purchases made from this website, but it sure would be nice if I did. :))

*UPDATE: Ok, it has been about 4 days since we have been listening to our seeds songs CD #1 together and these are the results:

so far we listen to them at every mealtime and everyone has their favorite song

my preteen loves these songs too and sings along with us

we have made up motions to four of the songs and “perform” them for the baby in his highchair after we eat

I am already ready to buy the rest of the collection