I have been meaning to do an update on the no ‘poo post I did here.

(photo compliments of Jake Veleber)

Believe it or not, this is my hair after about a month and a half after only washing with baking soda and vinegar water, and then organic shampoo and conditioner! This is what I did and then I’ll tell you the results I got.

For the first 2 weeks I followed the detox plan:

2 tsp baking soda in a water bottle shaken up and applied to my hair for shampoo

2 tsp apple cider vinegar in a water bottle applied to mostly just the ends of my hair for conditioner.

Ok, now for results. My hair did not smell clean. It did not smell like anything actually. It also did not feel clean the first two weeks. It felt very thick and not silky like shampoo makes my hair feel. It was not a good feeling and almost made me want to quit. But I had told myself give it 2 weeks. Well I’m glad I did. After 2 weeks I couldn’t stand it anymore so I started washing every other day with Burt’s Bee’s organic shampoo/conditioner and doing the baking soda/asv tx only once a week and WOW! My hair was different hair. I have always had thin, dry, fine hair that would get oily easily if I didn’t wash it everyday. I always wondered how anyone from the caucasian background could go for more than a day without washing their hair. Too oily!!

Even in this sweaty humidity Florida heat, I have thicker tamer hair now! Yes, it can be done. Now, I am still pre- menopausal and I do not put any hair coloring on my hair at the present time, but in my research, people got the same results that also were older or that used bleach/hair color. My hair is not as oily and I don’ t feel like after half a day I have to go run and wash it in order for it to look and feel clean. I can go 3-4 days and it still look and feel clean. wow. My hair has never done that.

The funny thing is I grabbed some Pert Plus one day while in a different shower in my house and shampooed with it and came out with a stringy, fine head of hair (even though it smelled really good) then my hair was right back to greasy peasy the next day. No worries, after my organic shampoo I was back to my new normal. My new routine will be organic shampoo only. Either Burt’s bees, or Avalon brand since it’s all I’ve tried, and I’ll keep the baking soda and vinegar around to detox every week or two weeks. Yay! I finally have nice hair and I don’t need fancy products to do it with! Hope you try it to!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet little friends who love to play in my bed covers…