Our Brockers has not been on the scene with us for the past few weeks since he visits his father up in Birmingham for most of the summer. But there were two little boys who sure missed him and he missed them too. Of course he would only admit this very quickly, but they have been playing very nicely and having a good time with each other. It can do brothers some good to have some time away.. then you know what you are missing when they aren’t there!

I caught my almost teenager playing with the leapfrog letters. Oh yeah and he started tackle football again and loves it. He wore his helmet around the house for the first night after he got it. Is that normal? Then Jake put his on too and didn’t want to take it off. Is that normal?

I told Brock my car was a little dirty so him and his friends decided to wash it for me. Nice right? Well he only did it when I said ” you might have to climb on top of the car to get the top clean”. He stayed on the top the whole time and squirted his friends while he cleaned.

Our sweet Coley bears turned 1 1/2 years old last week and we celebrated with cupcakes. He is such a sweet baby and is starting to have a little fiesty personality… I caught him on the counter the other day then discovered he can climb.

I took the boys skating the other day. Let me first of all say that I loved skating as a child. I have my mother to thank for teaching me how to roller skate at the age of 5. When I was about 9 I broke my arm skating but kept on doing it. When roller blades came out I caught on to those and didn’t turn back. Now I have 3 boys. Neither of the older two like/want to skate very much. I blame myself mostly. I haven’t really taken them to the rink and they don’t break out the skates at home very much. But I for some reason was determined to have well rounded boys that do everything including skate so I took Brock and Jake (along with 2 of Brock’s friends) to the only skating rink in town and we went to town! I got too cocky on my first lap around the rink and almost fell and busted my little white booty! The plastic wheels on Brock’s Target brand roller blades were too slick so I traded them in for the rink ones, and then there was no stopping me. I was proud of my almost 30-year-old mom self.  (well i’m sure the little kids falling on their butts in front of me could have stopped me!)

Brock ended up doing pretty good and his friends being there helped. (mom trick)

Jake on the other hand would skate for 5 mins then want to “play” the games. So I let him bang around on the really old version of Super Mario Bros. while I did a few laps around the rink.

I couldn’t get Brock to do a race (I was all about the races at his age) but I did get a picture of him and his friends doing the hokey pokey. Classic.

It will for sure go in the book of things to go back and do again on a 100 degree weather day in Florida :).

I’ll leave you with this fun fact: Cole is our little copy cat and he will copy what he sees me or his brothers doing. Can you guess who he is copying? Driving and talking on the phone? I wonder who?