Todd headed down to Nicaragua on Tuesday to lead a mission team of a few adults and several high school students. He will be there for 2 weeks with first a construction team, then a camp team. This is the church in Los Cedros that the construction team is working on this week. This church is also where we held a few of our med clinics back in April and have a great relationship with the people there. Todd gives daily updates here so check it out to see what is happening!

This is the inside of the church. Basically a big metal gym size place with NO air conditioning. You get used to the hotness of it, and there is a little store around the corner that sells glass bottles of Coke and Fanta… a daily treat!

One of the other things I remembered about this neighborhood was the roosters and chickens running around everywhere. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “organic free- range chicken”.

Oh and some of the pet roosters were on leashes so they wouldn’t wander off.