We ate some of the edible dessert kind, but I thought I would share an interesting post on real dirt and kids being dirty. I might not pull out the Purell sanitizer quite as quickly after reading this!


I wonder if this kind of thing applies to kisses too!

We took a trip to Nana and Papa’s in Birmingham, Alabama last week to visit and do some fishing…

Brock’s been working hard in karate class this summer and has earned all his stripes for yellow belt.

Blueberries are ready for pickin and we did plenty of it one morning. We took home 2 gallons.

Our last stop was a local water/amusement park right outside Birmingham with cousins. These guys are all cousins- either first or second. It’s the south so we just say our cousin. 🙂

Next week we’re headed down to camp Kulaqua for a few days of 110 degree heat, the blob, and the camp lion roaring at all hours of the day! Fun times!