I experimented with a marshmallow fondant recipe today and it turned out so good I had to stop “tasting” before I had none for the cookies… Like a good baker, I got all my info off the internet of course.  This website hasn’t let me down yet. Here’s a preview of my patriotic creation!

I’ve had so much fun taking pictures for VBS this week, but it’s almost time to say goodbye to my friend’s camera. Sniffle, sniffle. So I ran out back and took some pictures of the boys playing in the yard.

Here’s some of what I captured today…

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Jake made a “hospital bed” out of a very large rectangle rubbermaid lid. The first picture is him bringing me a patient. Also, It was very complicated getting them to pose, so I just snapped and snapped until I got a few that were decent! If you notice the box that Jake is in, it made it’s way into our photo shoot today by accident. I told him get out of that box or he won’t get a cookie and he lifted the flap and grinned big. He wasn’t losing out on a cookie. The box pics turned out to be pretty cute!