We celebrated Father’s Day with some much needed  R&R at home. I am blessed to have a husband who loves on our boys and is a good Daddy. He is such a good example of a what a godly man should be to them and is concerned with things like their character development and who they become in Christ. Todd spends every dinner time we have together talking about their day and reading bible stories to them. He also is there when it comes to fort building, wrestling, swimming, wooden train track building, teaching piano, driveway basketball, coaching sports teams, and Mega Lego spaceships. Thanks, honey for all you do to teach and love our boys.

I am so thankful to have such a sweet and loving Dad who always took good care of me. Dad has turned out to be a pretty good Papa to the boys too! One funny memory of my Dad when I was a little girl was when he used to tell jokes at the wrong times! It would never fail, I would be sick or hurt, and Dad would pull out the funnies. Once I was laying in the emergency room nearly dehydrated to death from the flu, and after many serious hours, Dad leans over and starts to tell a joke! I’m like “Dad! I’m sick here!” Another time, when he was my escort in a pageant I was in, I said, “Dad, none of the other dad’s smile with their daughter on stage, will you smile with me?” Later my Mom said he had a big grin on his face, and I attributed his smile to me later winning the pageant! Ha ha! Dad has also always been very helpful knowledgeable . Anytime I need anything done, or to know how to do it, I know I can call on my Dad. He’d never hurt a fly and is always quick to help anyone in need. (I’m serious, he would let a fly out the back door before swatting it!) Love you Dad!!