Wow. The first one’s done with elementary school. It seems like last week that he walked up the sidewalk into kindergarten class. I remember that day he was so excited to go in that he was mad that I made him stop to take a picture. Then he said, “bye Mom!” and I was like, “wait, I’m walking you in!”

Now he’s done with 5th grade and moving to the middle school years. I know this is a corny thing that old people say, but WHERE DID THE TIME GO!? Although technically still a “tween”, Brock has not rocked the boat as far as changing into a teenager goes. He’s a very sweet boy and loves his momma. He also loves his friends and loves playing sports. I’m sure these next few years will fly by too and I’m sure I’ll be saying “hey, where did the time go??!! You’re grown!” The next chapter for him will entail many things, and I know being a crazy teenager is one of those things. But hopefully with enough time spent on our knees, we’ll survive, and as James Dobson says about the teen years, “we’ll just get him through it”. 🙂