Todd and I celebrated 7 years of marriage on June 14th. We have had 7 wonderful years together full of good times, good laughs, babies born, new cities, new friends, and lots of changes. It wasn’t easy going through some of the things that life has thrown our way. But we learned to put our trust in the Lord more heavily and rely on Him to guide and restore some of the hard times together, and He’s not let us down! We’ve grown to realize that once allowing the Lord to work in us, we’ve become closer through the struggles we’ve been through. I have come to respect the man that God gave me so much more than the day we were married… and I liked him a lot then! Don’t get me wrong, we disagree about lots of things and we can really get an argument going if one of us is feeling hot-headed. But the Lord can change my tongue and my heart in a second when I ask Him for help. Todd and I are the opposite in well… most things! Imagine how hard that is when you may have brought tons of expectations into your marriage or
you are just trying to figure the other person out. “Why did he not say he was sorry?”… “Why does she think I need to say I’m sorry?”  It can get really tricky without the right mixture of wise council and TRUTH thrown in. Sometimes when we just back up, take time to pray, and really try to love on each other, the outcome is way better than if one of us “gets our way”.

I am truly thankful for the person that Todd is and the husband that he has grown to be these last few years. Both of us have matured in many ways and our marriage is starting to reap the benefits. Happy 7 years, Honey! I love you 🙂

On our very last minute getaway to downtown Tallahassee (did I say it was last minute?)

Overlooking the city after dinner.