Yup… that’s right. That’s a baby doll tied to a push cart with a jump rope. Jake said his baby needed a seat belt, so I helped him! This baby was mine as a child… I somehow remember the baby in a little cradle or drinking a bottle. It’s seen way more horror excitement at this house.

My kids play dress up too… they were “workers” and Cole was a little bit rock and roll. I just noticed Jake terrorizing the fish in this picture. Poor things.

Brock was in costume as well. His was for the 5th grade school musical. Notice the glasses. He spent 200 tickets at Funstation on those glasses. He was so excited to buy them to add to his “outfit”. The tickets probably cost $5 to win… the glasses probably about 5 cents.

When I think about missing this stage of sweetness and cuddliness of the boys… I will just go to this blog post and remember that this took Jake and Cole 5 minutes to accomplish.

Despite all the chaos good times… I’ve managed to cut out my little I Spy bags. I tried sewing the fish already and well… I used up all the slang words I had without going too far! Felt is so fricken hard to sew it almost made me throw the machine away. Gosh darn it-great-fhooey- shoot-poot-fiddle sticks. I had to stop before it got out of hand! If they turn out decent, I may post a pic. We’ll have to see first. Watch out, you may have to cover your ears!

Update: I just re-read the directions on the bags. She mentioned using fleece. I think I have felt. Ok, I’m actually not really sure if it’s fleece or felt. Either one is very hard to sew. Someday I guess I’ll emerge out of the sweatshop with my creations. We’ll see…