Before Jake went down for nap time, we read a story together: Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors. I said, “Jake, what does grouchy mean… you know, like Oscar the Grouch?” He said, “yeah, it means they’re in trash cans”.

This little guy melts my heart with his one of his only 3 words: “mama”!!!! (the others are dada and uh-oh… usually not good if I hear uh-oh)

This guy finished up his 7th soccer season on Saturday. He was very proud and when I asked him his favorite part about soccer he said, “I like to win.” He might be a little competitive don’t you think? I told him that if he did his best and had fun I was proud of him no matter if he wins or not. I also said life’s about serving others, not winning the games or scoring goals, even though that’s really fun. He said, “yeah, yeah, mom I know… but I got 7 trophies now!” Ok, well maybe one day he’ll get it 🙂 for now he’s having fun playing… and that’s fine with me!