Check out this little snake Brock found in our neighbor’s mailbox. Nothing says ‘welcome warm weather’ better than a snake looking for bird’s eggs! (there was a nest in the mailbox, don’t know if it ate the eggs or not)

Thankfully the brave men came out with their fancy snake catcher equipment and tackled it no problem. The snake was humanely taken to the holding pond in our neighborhood and let loose to slither free.

Jake had “muffins for Mom’s day at school and painted this cute pot in his favorite color… “yewow”!

Cole is into blocks, cups, stacking rings, and most typical baby toys that my other two could have cared less about. The other day, I caught Cole ‘stacking’ his banana slices. How cute! Maybe he’ll be a builder one day…

Jake got a toy fishing pole the other day and after he caught his fish he said, “now we have to put them in the freezer”.  Later, I found the fish he caught.

Bye for now partners!