I’m fairly new to the sewing hobby, but I just finished Cole and Jake’s matching outfits and had to show them off! I thought they came out cute, and were fairly easy aside from a few mistakes requiring a seam ripper. I made the shorts reversible. That was difficult, and I will jab out my eyeballs before going for reversible again!!

Jake and Cole patiently modeling the clothes

I did not make the t-shirt (duh) but I did make an applique out of the shorts fabric and heat n’ bonded it to the shirt along with a satin seam around the edge.

I made these pretty burp cloths a while back for some friends expecting little girls

This apron was made from a friend’s pattern, Darby, who I love to read about what she is sewing and see if I can do it too!

Excuse the Christmas morning pj’s and hair, but I made the little boys travel pillows out of fleece. (fleece is not the best fabric to work with)
There’s a couple more things, a travel pillow for Brock, rice heat therapy bags for my family for Christmas, bean bag eye packs. I am really enjoying making things, but it really bugs me to have something sitting around waiting to be finished, so I usually end up staying up really late to finish. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead huh????