We trick or treated the boys this year. It was a strange mix, Joker, Robin, and Superman. Batman was not around this year! Brock insisted on riding his bike along with the wagon that I pulled. He wanted his cape to “float”. I knew it would get caught in the wheels but I decided to let him figure this one out. He spent the night doing a standing style ride to keep it from ripping off! Jake wanted to stop and eat every piece of candy that went into his bucket. His face was covered in chocolate when we got back home.

This being Cole’s first year to dress up and go out with the big boys to trick or treat, he sat by patiently and accepted his bag of goldfish gratefully!

This is Brock at his last game of the season. (sniff sniff, no more 4 day/week practice!) He is #12, he is quarterback and keeps it for a running play. Please note, this is not ESPN and I am not a professional videographer! Here’s to another wrap up to sports. Basketball starts in T-minus one month and counting!