The little boys got to explore the Pumpkin Patch today. Jake was really excited about all the pumpkins he could carry, throw, step on, and fall over. Cole really liked the straw on the ground. In every picture, he is eating some he picked up off the ground whenever I would sit him down.

Oh and the wagons. I guess they are supposed to be for really big pumpkins that you buy and have to haul to your car. But Jake and a couple of his buddies put as many little pumpkins in the wagon as it would hold and lugged it around the lot! Oh well, makes for some good cheap entertainment! After all the gathering, I asked Jake, “do you want to pick one of the little ones to take home?” He said “naw, but i gotta potty,” and pulls his pants down right there and starts to tee tee! I quickly herded him over to the nearest bush where hopefully we were out of sight. (Although I think the cashiers saw us because they were snickering when we finished with the bush).

It was a chilly 45 degrees this morning. FINALLY some fall weather ya’ll!

Coley bear. Eating straw again.