Between blogging from vacations, I have been doing LOTS of stuff! For one thing, I finished spring cleaning back in May and have struggled to keep it half way decent since then! We have had a few nights of dinner guests, and I have been putting in my few hours at work every week or so. Jake is in most of the pictures because he is who is home with me all day. The baby is around, but he mainly sleeps like an angel in his bed. Bless his little heart.

We got out the fingerpaints today since it was raining. Surprisingly, not too big of a mess!

Jake wanted to wear an apron like me when we were making the cake batter

My version of “puttin’ up corn”. I had a little dish for dinner and it was delish! The white corn is the best! I had shucked some ears but had not cut and milked it yet in this pic.

My version of turkey meatballs. Nothing special, made with ground turkey. But they are really low in fat and more healthy than regular. They still taste great though!

My version of Strawberry Cake. Technically it is supposed to have blueberries up in the top left corner to resemble and American flag, but I was fresh out. So we had a starless cake. Cake tester Jake gave it two thumbs in (you can see on the left side where he stuck his thumb in before the pic)

Lastly, the blackberries. We tried to go pickin’ blueberries, but went to the wrong place. They had blackberries instead which I am not too fond of, but I said what the heck, I’ll pick some! Then, we found out the blueberry place was closed. Oh well, I’ll have to settle for imported pints at Publix!