We took our family vacation last week and had a really great time. We went to Orlando and visited Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. They were two great parks and the boys got to do a lot of fun things. Here’s the highlights!

Jacksonville zoo

Swimming. We did lots of swimming. When it’s hot in Florida, what else is there to do?

Cole got in on the swimming action too. His first time in the big pool!

Jake is still learning to swim, but he is so brave. Jumping in off the side is no big deal! Hopefully he’ll be a regular Michael Phelps by the end of summer!

After two theme parks in two days, this is what the boys looked like the morning of  the 3rd day. (Todd and I looked very similar)

I’ll admit to thinking this before I saw the sign… then I couldn’t resist the picture!

Woody Woodpecker… he had a GIANT head!

We love Dr. Seussland and the Cat in the Hat!

Jakey- he’s non-stop (really he doesn’t stop)
Here’s to a great kick off of summer! We’re looking forward to more swimming, lazy days, hot dogs, and watermelon!