We visited the Tallahassee Museum for the first time this past week. Yes, I know we are weird because we have lived in Tallahassee for 4 years and are just now making it out to the place, but I am busy people! It feels kinda funny calling it the museum because there are mostly animals there with a few old buildings, so it’s the museum/zoo. Better known around here as the “junior museum”. Nevertheless, it was a fun day!

Cole enjoyed himself as he slept the day away

Jake doing his usual bit- running away. (the child needs a leash)

Brock making friends with “billy” 

This is why I felt like taking the boys to the zoo, museum, whatever
Cole slept all night (8 hours) in his own bed in his own room!

Everybody playing (or standing and smiling) at the park by the farm area

A quick visit from Uncle Brad!