Your bedroom has become your new living quarters around the clock

Who needs toys when you’ve got a pillow tent?
The Top Ten reasons my  house has been in disarray:

10. It takes more time getting ready to go out than going out itself
9. Your new wardrobe consists of breast pads and granny panties
8. You have to decide how much is too much milk or poop on an outfit before it needs changing
7. All the meals that were brought to you are gone and you can’t remember how to cook
6. Cleaning up means you picked up the clothes off the bed so you can lay in it
5. You counted changing 100+ diapers in the last 4 weeks
4. Your maternity clothes are slightly too big, but your regular clothes are WAY too small
3. Everything you try to put on to wear smells like sour milk
2. You only do things in 3 hour intervals, including eating, sleeping, and grocery shopping
1. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t showered yet… (that’s no so bad until you realize it’s your 3rd day without one!)

I am not a first time mom, this is my 3rd time. But I think every new mom goes through these new changes… with every baby! It does get easier with each one though…

“pay dums Mommy!”