When life with 3 abounds, there are bound to be crazy days ahead. Adjusting to 3 has had it’s ups and downs, but we are slowly getting the hang of it. I have had the camera out to snap a few precious moments of this first month with baby Cole. Big brothers help out with one of his first baths! Who knew bathing a baby would be so fun (and something to fight over as well!)

I do love the new baby wrap I got- a “Sleepy Wrap… it is so so comfortable and Cole loves being in it (despite the pic where he is crying!) I have had all carriers from a Snugli, to a Baby Bjorn, to a one shoulder sling, to a Hip Hammock, and I rate my Sleepy Wrap five stars!!!!!! Sleepywrap.com

The double stroller- we have already been enjoying walks in this and it is very nice to maneuver around the neighborhood. It’s no too wide and has comfortable handles. I haven’t tried it out on errands, but am sure it will be good.
Mclaren Twin Techno I think…

My children have a premature balding thing they go through. Cole lost all his hair on top at about 3 weeks old. Now he has the old man/clown wig hair style. I don’t mind the hair falling out, I just wish it were all of it or none. It looks strange when it is just the top! It will grow back in about 9 months. Until then, it’s hello comb-over!!