This is the cradle we will be using for the new baby. It is very special because it was given to me from my grandmother when I was born. Several babies have spent their first nights at home in this cradle. Including my brother, some cousins, and both of my children. I don’t know how old something has to be to consider it an heirloom, but I am going to call it my heirloom cradle! Above are all the names of the babies in my family that slept in it so far.

Speaking of names… our little boy officially has been named:
Cole Hunter Veleber!

I absolutely love these feather boa wreaths. Especially to welcome a new baby instead of a fake satin bow with little plastic babies and bottles on them. (no offense if that is your style!)
I saw how expensive they were to buy in a gift shop and decided to make my own instead.
I was so excited to see that it came out looking very similar to the gift shop version! We’ll use it to greet visitors then hang above his crib for a while.