I have been doing more praying and talking with God over the past 6 months. I did a 40 day devotional (that took me about 6o days or more to do!)  and God showed my many things. I have tried to commit daily time either in prayer or in His word or both. Todd gave me a new devotional Bible that I am excited about because it allows me to get in the Word in a small manageable time frame. I know once the baby gets here I will be struggling with this time until a routine is in place. 

Anyways, the email devotion I read today is a great example of what I am praying I don’t become. I can get way too enthralled with the little tasks of the day (errands, cleaning, carting kids around) and find myself just getting through the day without any real connection with my children or my husband (which is the most important thing to me). With a new baby coming, yes, it will be a little chaotic for a couple weeks, but I am striving to live daily on what He gives me and what it is that He wants for me. In other words, I am asking God, “will you tweak my to-do list”??
Go to this blog
and check out what the writer has to say about women and moms who think they are striving to please God paired with too much in their lives.