This picture was appropriate to take in front of our Christmas tree. It’s not only to be festive, but to illustrate how I am feeling at this point. Very large near the bottom, and decorated with “new” ornaments. Or one really big round belly.
The stats:
 baby weighs 4 lbs
has decided to turn head down (yay!)
21 lbs gained so far (not bad)
blood pressure: good
swelling: not there yet
cravings: cannot get enough chocolate (this is not different from when I am without child!)
energy level: pretty good (except for the nasty 2-week cold I just got over!)
cervix closed (if you don’t know what this is, don’t worry about it!)
8 more weeks to go and this being my 3rd of course I have not prepared the house like you do with your first or second. His things are currently in the attic. Check back next month for what I have actually done to get ready for this child! AND maybe he will have a name by then!!