I have enough Duracell batteries to last me 5 years. And they were all free!

Tonight at CVS and Walgreens, I saved $113.79 and only spent $21.94. CVS had a deal on batteries :buy $20 worth of Duracell batteries and get $15 Extra Care bucks back. This was too good to miss, so I got my $20 worth and headed up to pay when the lady told me I could do this 3 times, I got $40 more worth! I had gift cards from prescriptions to pay with, so I paid $0 for $60 worth of batteries. Yes, it was glorious. I picked up some 2 liters and cheap toilet paper at Walgreens and that’s where I spent the $21.94. Anyways, it was a good night. Here’s to next week’s deals!!!