Walgreens trip

Publix Trip

Yesterday at Walgreens and Publix, I did pretty well. My original total would have been around $270 and I only spent $88! 

At Walgreens:
Original Total $174.76
Saved $71.62 in coupons and store savings
Used $ 62.92 in gift cards
Paid $ 40.22!

At Publix
Original Total $95.29
Saved $46.90 in coupons and store savings
Paid $48.39!

I recently subscribed to Leaving Excess.com and this was a quote from her shopping exerience:
“My philosophy: keep it simple, make it quick and limit the trips necessary. If I am using my time, gas and energy to hunt down every deal, I wind up tired and leaving too much undone at home.”
And I totally agreee! I spent about an hour and a half at both stores together. And I had my list and coupons ready. I didn’t buy anything but a couple items that were not on sale/have a coupon or both. Not only is it fun saving money, but I enjoy being a good steward of God’s resources He has given our family. It is a blessing for me to be able to work very little and stay home most of the time to take care of our children and home. I want to do everything I can to make the most of the income we are bringing in. This not only allows me not to have to bring in much extra income, but we are able to give our money to others, support different ministries, become debt free, and save more. Yes, this grocery game is more time consuming that just walking up to the store, but I would rather be using my time and energy to save us money than using my time spending it!
You can do this! Just go to some of the frugal blogs on the right and start making your list and printing your coupons!
Happy Shopping!