Publix: spent $2.94 cash (saved $27) forgot the 3 cans of biscuits in this pic

So I felt weird at first posing pictures of food on my table, but saw other blogs that did it and was so proud of my purchases, I did it anyways. But now I feel really weird putting a picture of my pantry on here. I had several people in response to my “deals and couponing” conversations ask me, “what does your pantry look like!!” So here it is, not overflowing at this point, but it is well stocked. Notice the 8 boxes of cereal in the bottom,  the many cans of Muir Glen tomato sauce (all free) in the middle, and the very cramped top shelf with all the pasta, rice and potatoes at the left. The freezer looks similar. I try to keep the fridge open so I can store leftovers from meals. I only cook about 2-3 times a week now which is lovely since it is not my favorite domestic duty. But we don’t eat out very much and we do eat dinner at church on Sunday and Wed, so that makes up for not eating out at restaurants. I will do a survey of the last 3 months grocery bills and compare to the previous months before that to track my progress. This has been not only a frugal adventure, but a fun one!