Typical- Trying to be good pumpkin carvers and hold still for a picture

Our Mr. Pumpkin
Isn’t he cute? We all pitched in and cut, scraped, and dug out the insides, then Todd did the carving with the knife (the kids are too young and I am prone to accidents of this nature)
Then… the next night was Halloween!
This is the “team” all dressed up. Strange combination but it worked for us! I dressed up as a nurse. I worked earlier in the day and didn’t even have to change clothes! I was SO creative this year. They boys had lots of fun and got a ton of candy. Good thing Jake isn’t old enough to eat very much of it- I get to “help” him and eat what he is “too little” for!
This was the boys last Halloween, Jake had just taken a few of his first steps. They have changed so much!