This week at Walgreens I came across a few deals to share:

These are simple to do… you may get different coupons in your area.
No pics today, but you can picture these items in your head 🙂

At Walgreens:
The Pampers sale seemed like a good deal to me too. I got 2 packs of Pampers jumbo size for $7.50 ea
Sale for $9.99
Use a $1.50 off Manf coupon.

Phantom Fusion Power Men’s Razor $.99 (HAS to be the one in the picture in the weekly ad)
Sale $8.99
$4.00 RR
Use $4.00 off Manf coupon from a Sunday paper (no idea which week, maybe this week)

PERT make a $1.00!
Pert 2 in 1 on sale for $3.49
Use easy saver coupon for $2.50 off
Use coupon in paper (this week I think) for $2.00 off

I got the Alka Seltzer Plus Cold w/$5 RR no problem (FREE)
I read on a blog where it had to be the original formula- and it worked!

Cheapest Gallon of Milk :$3.49
Mac and Cheese $.69

The diapers made my OOP total a little high, but still saved $24.92 and spent $13.54 on my sale items.
I will be getting $42 back on my gift card for next month’s deals! My goal is to only use gift cards for the month, so I need to pace myself better!
Don’t forget Walgreens is offering a $25 gift card for each transferred prescription right now.