At 24 weeks, we have hit the third trimester! It has not been too tough I guess. Being pregnant is a lot different when you have a two year old. I feel a lot more worn out. When I am tired and need a minute or two to rest, NOPE! I have to keep someone out of the pantry or from escaping out the back door or something. It was much easier the first and second time around! All is well though and we are still discussing name possibilities. I have a favorite name, but we are going to ponder and think for a few more weeks before making a final decision!

*Late entry* Went to my check up today. Everything looks good now except I gained 10 pounds in a month! I had lost a couple pounds last visit from being sick, but still! My midwife was like, Wow! I am going to have to save some calories for the holidays! I was trying not to gain over 25 pounds this time b/c I anything over that is extra blubber I will have to work very hard to get off after baby comes. But my appetite is up now and Halloween candy is on sale. It is a situation I deal with everyday! Will update you next month, and no, I will not gain another 10 by then!