Jake had his first check up at the dentist today. He did great! The dentist and the assistant were amazed he did so great and kept still. I was amazed too! I remembered back to Brock’s first dental experience and he was not so cooperative. Brock did have a pretty bad injury to his front teeth before going, so I’ll give him the “traumatized” card for that. Jake was so cute because first she cleaned his teeth with a tooth brush, then she went for the electric buzzing toothbrush. I thought he would freak out for sure, but he didn’t. Before going, I was just talking to him about the dentist and said when you sit in the chair, you open your mouth really wide. We practiced together at home. I didn’t think he would have a clue what was going on when we got there. When he got in the chair, he sat down and opened just like we practiced!  I need to give him more credit! Both boys have healthy teeth. That is the good news. Bad news; both will need braces in the future! Better start saving all that cash I am not spending at Walgreens and Publix!