Jake’s new scooter

He was very happy with just a balloon!

EGG FREE birthday cookie cake! (he has an egg allergy)
My precious Jake Taylor turned two yesterday September 21st. We had a big day on Saturday to celebrate with all his family. We had grandparents and aunts and uncles there along with 3 dogs and the three of us that live here. We had about 10 people here! It was wonderful to see everyone and they all enjoyed seeing Jake for his birthday. We started off with outside riding of his new scooter, then in for lunch and nap. After nap, the rest of the fam was here for dinner, presents and cookie cake! Last year on his first birthday, after eating his first bites of cake and icing, Jake broke out with hives and swelling and had to be rushed to the ER. It ended up being an allergy to eggs, so no birthday cake this year! He was perfectly happy with the cookie and even kept calling out, “cayke”!!