Today at Walgreens was another chance for me to work the deals and see how much money I could save while buying some necessities and a few grocery items.

I think I did pretty well for being fairly new at this. I missed a couple coupons that I discovered were available after I left, but made out of there pretty good!

This was my first transaction:

bought 3 bottles Robitussin for $3.99ea on sale
used (3) $3 off coupons
bought crest mouth wash for $4.49
used $.75 off coupon
This made my total $7.05 with tax 
Total savings: $16.25
Both products had Register Rewards 
Robitussin $10
Crest Wash $ 4.50
But when they didn’t print I was like, oh no!! Then the lady figured out the RR printer was out of ink!! Yea! So I just went over to the next counter to redo that one and do my next transaction.
On my second one I had a coupon  or 2 for each thing I bought. Or, it was just on sale and very cheap. 
My original total was: $50.24
I saved in coupons and RR: $40.25
Spent $9.99 with tax
I will get a full rebate on the Pert Plus 2in1 shampoo.
This amount would have been smaller had I remembered about the Chex coupons later. Would have gotten those for free. And, the raisins were on sale for $2. No coupon for those. On a couple items the check out lady was like, “wait, if you use both these coupons, it is free” I was like, “yes, that is the point!”
So there it is! This was not hard and didn’t take me too much time. My goal now when I go into stores is to have my list w/coupons and only shop for that stuff. It is fun and has become a challenge for me. I of course have to buy stuff like milk, ground beef,  veggies, and other things we eat on a weekly basis, but I am saving lots by shopping this way and didn’t know it was possible. Hopefully soon I will be saving so much, Todd will wonder if I even go shopping anymore!!