For those of you that have been asking me how in the world I am making these deals happen, I am still figuring it out myself!! But, this is what I do 2-4 times a week and It is worth it so  far!!

I get coupons from a neighbor’s paper.
I don’t go to all stores every week- just the ones w/the best deals.
I make a list of what to get before I go
I get a list from the blogs+looking at what coupons I have to go w/the deal
This is new to me too, but it is so fun, I cannot wait to look for deals or go to the store to NOT spend money!

There are only 2 printed Target “store” coupons they don’t take- they took my printed Kashi coupons.

I went to  Target tonight and this is what happened:
I got a prescription filled so I got a $10 gift card back.
I got the 4 Kashi products $11 -(2) $2/1 coupons = $7.00 got $5 GC back
(2) box of Luvs diapers $30- $10 prescription GC -$3.92 GC – $1 coupon =$16.96
Electrasol tabs $3.09 -$2.25 coupon= $1.08(paid for w/kashi gift card)

The deal was for 2 Luvs packs (they are regular $27.50ea!!), and I only got one at first, so I totally messed up my 1st transaction and had to void it. But then the Lady rang up the Kashi deal, and I had no gift card to use yet (from the Luvs) so I paid 7.00
Then got a GC from that and used it to pay  $1.08 for the  tabs. (which were not $2.79)
After I got the LUVS straighted out, I had the $5 GC left over from that transaction and was totally annoyed that I couldn’t use it on the Kashi transaction  because I had already done it!!!!
So, I did make out pretty good though.
Original total w/o sales or coupons: $79.09
Paid OOP: $22.40
Saved: $ $56.69
Plus have a $5 gift card now!