Ready for football season…

Progress- 18 weeks along

I guess you could say I am getting used to the idea of a small herd of boys. I love that they are usually very simple and can be happy throwing balls or crashing hot wheels. Mine are prone to wrestle, some, uh, no most of the time! All the cushions and pillows end up all over the floor and all the stuffed animals join in for some WWF in my living room. The back door is especially attractive to bounce balls against. Usually beach balls but the occasional soccer ball or basketball has been know to fly by my head. As for drama, it is mainly some one not getting their way, but nothing a time out can’t fix! It would be fun one day to buy dresses and make bows, go to ballet lessons and play Barbies. But for now, I am excited to be blessed with another cute, rambunctious, sweaty little beast to call my baby boy.
Will there be a 4th child? Only the Lord knows what’s in store for us. At this point, I have all I can handle. If he blesses us again, I know He knows exactly what we need.  He will be giving me strength and helping to build up the courage to effectively manage four children. And if it happens to be another boy, then I may have my answer in God’s plan for me to have a daughter! We’ll see!