All this for $.067!
I love bogos!So I went to Publix to pick up a prescription and guess what? Got more free groceries! Yep, except today was really great because I only paid $.067 out of pocket! It was not totally Bogos and coupons, but I got a $25 gift card for transferring the prescription. So, 
my original total was $47.17
I saved $21.50 with bogos and coupons
then used the $25 gift card and voila!
$0.67 was my new total!
I guess I am getting the hang of this! My rebate card from Walgreens will be coming sometime in the next few weeks. It will have close to $50 on it and I cannot wait to see what kind of deals I can get! Who knew saving money and clipping coupons was so fun!