Got all this for FREE!
So I guess you can call this my new hobby? It all started when some friends of mine were talking about how much they were saving in grocery bills. Well, this is an area that I don’t do well in when it comes to saving money. So, I hopped on the “frugal blogs” and started trying to figure out how to make it work for me. There are people out there that actually blog everyday about free stuff and good deals at stores. I thought, but how could buying all this stuff be cheaper than just getting store brands and generics? Well, come to find out, after using coupons, plus buy one get ones, plus internet coupons, plus money back reward programs, you can get lots of stuff for free! And, one day I will figure it out, but you can actually get PAID for buying things! That’s right! Make some money for shopping! I have ventured out twice now. Not sure I really got the best deals, but I surely got more that if I just walked up to the store without coupons like usual. 

For my Publix deals:
My original total: $218.75
My new total with coupons: $119.81
Tax: $6.38
Total savings: $98.94
Wow! I think that is the most I have ever saved and it was exciting. I did have about 25 or so  coupons, so thankfully the check-out lady was patient and nice!
So when I come across more free stuff and good deals, I’ll let you know!