This is what I am naming the tadpole farm for now. I discovered it when I went to dump the old moldy water out of this pool on the back porch. I KNEW not to leave it like this over the weekend, but didn’t have time to dump it. The night before, I heard this very loud frog croaking right outside the back door. The next morning, I find about 100 black tadpoles swimming in our pool. Anyone have any advice on what to do? I don’t have the heart to just dump them, but surely they can’t grow into frogs in these conditions. What was that frog thinking laying her eggs in this moldy plastic back porch pool?

Monday happened to be Brock’s first day of 4th grade. He is so big now! I always take a pic of him on his first day, so here is the reluctant poser. (I had to bribe him with a treat to get him out there). He has enjoyed his week so far and is excited to learn some cursive writing- it’s about time!!